If you find it hard to get comfortable while watching TV or reading a book in a conventional sofa, then leather recliner chairs are exactly what you need. Coming with an extra wide design, it gives you the benefit of sitting very comfortable while still offering the support you need. In addition, the rocking motion is ideal for relaxation or sleep, this extra feature making recliners a must-have in any house. Below we created a list of the best recliners you can find. Go ahead and choose the one that suits you best!

Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Rocker Recliner

The design enhances the recliners features making them easy to use and durable, one of the most important qualities for a good and long lasting recliner.

You will definitely be surprised by the soft material with its stuffed padding and its wide seat that can accommodate even a large body type. Also, the material and stuffing are supportive enough to prevent the feeling of sinking in too much. This model is also very easy to assemble and the rocker mechanism sits upright when it’s not reclined, a feature that can be hard to find at other models. So, lean back and enjoy a recliner that fits your needs.


  • One of the best leather recliner chairs.
  • It features soft, easy to clean leather that keeps looking good over time.
  • The high-quality material comes in a neutral design, making it a perfect fit for any room.
  • Very easy to assemble, unlike many other recliners.


  • This is a pretty big recliner, and this can be a problem if you are lacking space


Flash Furniture Dark Brown Leather Rocker Recliner

This specific recliner comes in two parts that are very easy to assemble, this feature making the chair itself very solid and well put together. The leather is soft and very comfortable compared to the stiff leather you may be tempted to associate with leather furniture. When the chair is fully reclined you will find that it’s very comfortable to sleep in.

The chair is also quite large and can accommodate a large body type, but it can also be a disadvantage if you lack the room. It also comes with extra cushioning and the features go smoothly.


  • It comes in two parts, easily assemblable.
  • Is very comfortable to sleep in, especially when it’s fully reclined.
  • The leather is very soft and gives a neutral design.
  • It comes with extra cushioning because you can never be too comfortable.


  • Quite a large recliner; That could be a problem if you lack the room.


Massaging Black Leather Recliner

This modern massaging recliner with ottoman comes in a more elegant design that will give a stylish touch to your office, game room or living. It is easy to put together and light to move around, while still sturdy and dependable. When using the massaging feature the recliner vibrates and heats up helping to relieve lower and back pressure.

Also, the side knob makes the seat more manageable and helps you recline until you find the perfect angle. The rotating seat makes it easy to adjust your position and to spot any angle of the room. It comes with an overstuffed cushion that makes the recliner exceptionally comfortable.


  • It’s very easy to move around, unlike other recliners.
  • Has an elegant design and it’s very easy to put together.
  • It comes equipped with a special side knob that is very easy to use.


  • Due to its modern design, it might not fit in every conventional home.


HomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating Leather Massage Recliner

Lay back relax and enjoy this leather massaging recliner made of PU leather. The recliners features allow it to rock and spin 360 degrees. In addition, the two cup holders provide a place to rest your drink while you enjoy its heating and massaging function.The massage program has four areas of focus, as well as five massaging functions with a high and a low speed for each one.

Coming in three different colors (black, brown and red) makes this model more accessible and easy to fit in any home. It also comes padded with an extra thick sponge for more comfort.


  • Comes with attached remote for its heat and massaging function.
  • Adjustable backrest reclines and leg rest.
  • Two cup holders to rest drinks.
  • This model comes in three different colors.


  • Does not recline as far back as other recliners.


Flash Furniture Contemporary Palimino Leather Recliner

This reclining chair set features padded arms and tastefully exposed wood frames which give it an elegant look, making it a great addition in the office or living room. The recliner sits a bit low, so if you are older you might not get up very easy, but it performs very well otherwise and it’s amazingly comfortable.

The fabric is very easy to clean and keeps looking good over time. The chairs is also easy to assemble and quite light if you need to move it around. It comes in three different colors (black brown and palimino) to easily match your home.


  • Is easy to assemble and light to carry around.
  • Overstuffed padded chair and ottoman.


  • The recliner sits a bit low, making it hard to get up if you are older.


Brandan Bonded Dual Rocker Leather Recliner Chair

This high resilience recliner build for comfort comes in a very smooth and richly colored leather, with extra stuffing in the arms and footrest. The chair is very sturdy, substantial and generously sized with a simple design and built.

The recliner mechanism works flawlessly, and you can always adjust it to other levels that are comfortable to you. It can recline to an almost horizontal position. Also, it sits high enough off the ground making it easier to get out of. Some assembly is required but it’s quite easy to put together.


  • Built on hardwood frame to provide lasting comfort and durability.
  • It sits high enough off the ground, making it easier to get up.
  • Generously sized.


  • Quite heavy compared to other recliners.


Big and Tall Capacity Leather Recliner Loggins Espresso

This recliner delivers top level comfort in an attractive design build to accommodate larger and taller body types. With a quick pull on the lever, you can position yourself comfortable in multiple angels.

The recliner mechanism is easy and it reclines almost to a laying down position though it might require some leg muscle in order to get back in the sitting position. So if you are older it might be a little hard to handle. It’s also very sturdy despite the fact that it’s also very easy to assemble; This model coming in just two pieces.


  • Very large recliner that can easily accommodate any body type.
  • Sturdy and substantial.
  • Easy to assemble, it comes in two pieces.


  • Although it reclines very easy, if you are older, it could be a little hard for you to get back in the sitting position.


Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat

This recliner with soothing heat treatment and massage in the lumbar region comes in a chocolate brown that looks very stylish and feels very comfortable. It features 8 vibration massage motors with 5 intensity levels and independent massage zones. It offers an exceptional experience whether reclined and watching TV or in a sitting position.

The chair offers nine pre-programmed massage modes that vary between locations and an additional soothing heat option. It reclines very easy, and it comes equipped with a great feature: a remote that controls the massage and heat options. The heat feature takes a while until it fully turns on and is only available in the lumbar area. Also, it might take some time to assemble.


  • The remote that controls all massage and heat programs.
  • It’s very easy to use and recline.
  • It supports the back very well.


  • Quite hard to assemble.
  • Only heats up in the lumbar area.



An all-time favorite, the recliner, remains in the top when it comes to furniture that can bring, not only a design that fits any home, but style and comfort. Due to their multiple functions that improved and extended over time, the recliner has reached its peak and now offers a large variety of options. You can choose from an overwhelming variety of colors, designs, and functions depending on your style, needs and lifestyle. The fact that technology has transformed the conventional recliner by enhancing its features and making it suitable for any age category has expanded the demand for recliners, as well as their popularity.

So, when it comes to relaxation and comfort, recliners have become a must have. Whether you’re looking for a modern chair to act as the new attraction in your home or for the traditional looking leather recliner, you now have the resources to begin your search. Despite the fact that recliners today come in beautifully and intricately designed materials, they also come fully equipped with different relaxation features, such as heating and massaging techniques. It’s simply a chair designed to make your daily life more pleasant. Of course, this large variety of models can be at times overwhelming for the buyer. There is always the need to find a balance between what you want your product for, the price you are willing to pay and its quality. Only then you can claim to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

The best way to be sure that the product you are buying fits your needs and that it will meet your demands is quite simple. The main problem is usually the misguided information that unfortunately goes around the internet. What you need to understand is that every company will try to sell their product, and in doing so, they will emphasize only the qualities of that product or they will overreach its usefulness. To avoid being carried away by some not so accurate descriptions, you need to do your own research and find the opinion of other customers. They usually offer an honest insight in what is really going on and if the product is as good as it comes.

Also, what most people don’t take into consideration when searching for a recliner that is high quality and quite cheap, is that it might not be as durable in the long run due to its price. The truth is that usually, what’s more expensive is also more durable. But, if you are pleased with the idea of getting something cheap that’s worth the money without expecting it to last very much then you definitely won’t be disappointed. Above you have some subjective reviews that can help you choose from a variety of products.

There are also certain features that we must take into consideration when choosing a certain recliner, in order to be satisfied with our choice. Recliners are usually built as massive and substantial pieces of furniture so if you’re looking for a lighter model you must be aware that most of them are not. There is also the assembly problem. Some recliners can be quite hard to assemble even if most of them come in two or three pieces. If the recliner is more complex and especially if it’s a modern recliner, some assembly might be necessary. Of course, you can always count on the instructions that come with every chair to help you out. The material can also be a problem especially because at some point in time it might deteriorate. Most of the materials that are not leather can develop small cracks over time that are hard to disguise. Even so, you can easily prevent this from happening if you coat the chair, so it won’t be directly exposed, especially if you plan to use it every day. If you are looking for a recliner that is made out of genuine leather you have to be sure that the material is not just a really good replica.

Also, you might want to know that a traditional recliner usually benefits from a backrest, that can tilt back, a footrest that can be extended with the help of a lever that is usually on the side of the chair, or at some models it might extend when the back is reclined. On the other hand, modern chairs include some additional features such as vibration, massage and heat. Some come with an adjustable headrest, lumbar support and a footstool that adjusts depending on your weight and the angle of your legs. So, depending on your needs and the level of comfort you are looking for, you have plenty of options to relieve stress. Another thing you must consider is the age category you are buying your recliner for. Elderly people can find it hard to accommodate to modern recliners and might need more support and comfort, so a traditional recliner can be the best solution. Also, you might want to keep in mind that some recliners sit a bit too low, so it might take a little extra leg muscle to get up, unlike other traditional models that are placed high enough off the ground.

What is best about reclining chairs is that they address a large public, being perfectly suitable for young or elderly people by providing new methods of relieving stress and transforming daily labors such as watching TV or reading a book into more enjoyable activities. Also, considering that the old-school reclining chairs used to come in a standard design which was hard to match any home. Nowadays, their slimmer, more elegant and sophisticated versions can fit just perfect in any décor. It’s not an overstatement to say that recliners have come a long way to offer us just what we are looking for.

So, while traditional furniture can sometimes be frustrating and might not offer the best support, leather recliner chairs step in to offer a personal experience by enhancing the comfort of a conventional sofa.



Do you plan to change the sofas in your lounge? Do you get tired sitting or does your back hurt after sitting for long? If so, then it is time to switch over to recliner chairs for a healthier lifestyle. This article will guide you through the types of recliners available in the market and which ones to choose to fit your needs.

Types of Recliners

Recliners come with a variety of features like some give the option of a massage, while a few others contain a built-in cooling functionality to keep beverages cold.

Power Recliner – They are best suited for people with mobility issues. Power recliners are electric and plug into a socket and recline at the touch of a button.

Rocking or Glider Recliner – The rocking recliner, as the name suggests, lets a person rock and recline at the same time. It is an excellent option for those suffering from insomnia as its rocking motion can help them sleep. It is also suited for nursing mothers as the reclining position provides comfort to the mother and the rocking motion soothes the baby. They are appropriate for small spaces as their back does not lean all the way back when the footrest is set up.

Wall-Hugging Recliner – These space saving recliners are the best choice for small rooms. They allow the person to sit straight, making it easier for them to get up if they sit on them for long. Some wall-hugging recliners’ height is adjustable, making it easy for adults with weak knees to get up.

Lift Chair – These recliners contain a mechanism embedded in them, which pushes the chair from its base, making it easier for people to get up from the seat. It is widely used by many people, may it be immobile people or people suffering from painful joints.

Massage Recliner – This recliner has the functionality of massaging the back and legs and helps reduce pain and anxiety. It helps in lifting and reclining. At the end of a long tiring day, massage recliners will be the best choice.

The things that need to be kept into consideration when buying a recliner are:

  • Recliners are comfortable yet a dangerous piece of furniture, especially for kids and pets. Make sure that the gap between the footrest and the seat does not exceed 5 inches, preventing your kids or pets from getting stuck.
  • Recliners must be tested by sitting on them for at least 5 minutes or so. The feet should touch the floor when sitting straight. With a dense foaming, the neck and head area must be well balanced and supported.
  • Buy recliners from a well-known company that provides you with warranty.
  • Recliner upper is made either from leather or fabric. Choose the right material according to your needs.

Visit our recommended stores now and enjoy the new look of your lounge by replacing your traditional sofas with recliner sofas or chairs.


A regular couch can give you a lot of comfort, but sit in it long enough and you are bound to end up with a backache. This is probably why recliners have gained so much popularity in recent times. A recliner comes with all the benefits of a couch and a lot more. In recent years, studies have shown numerous health benefits associated with the use of a recliner. However, before we move on to discussing those benefits, let us first examine the types of recliners that are available in the market these days.

  1. Rocker Recliner: Rocker recliners are some of the first ones to be introduced in the market when the recliner first came out. As the name suggests, the recliner acts as both a rocker and a recliner and is considered a perfect match for people with sleeping problems. As the rocking mechanism of the recliner slowly eases them into a deep slumber, the reclining mechanism makes sure that they have the perfect posture and do not end up with a backache.
  2. Wall Hugging Recliner: The name speaks for itself. This recliner is designed to hug the wall so as to fit into small spaces. Since not everyone has a lot of room in their home, this recliner practically makes room for itself. As a result, this recliner is perfect for those who do not have a lot of room to spare. Some of these recliners are designed to be elevated to help people suffering from knee problems get out of the chair.
  3. Lift Chair Recliners: A recliner that makes use of a motorized mechanism to raise the seat upwards so as to ease the process of getting up is also referred to as a lift chair recliner. It is considered to be in high demand amongst people with limited leg capacity. It is also suggested by most physicians to ease knee movements in patients suffering from joint aches.

The Health Benefits of a Recliner

Now that we have discussed the different types of recliners, let us move on to the positive effects that a recliner has on your body and mind.

Stress reliever

Recent studies conducted on the uses of recliners have displayed that they play an important part in relieving the body of stress. Since most of our daily lives are stress centers, a nice rest in the recliner can prove to be useful for an individual’s mental and physical health. Most people do not realize it, but the stressful environment of the office and home can take a toll on the health, which is why most doctors these days recommend a short nap during the day to help you feel more emotionally and physically relaxed so as to carry on with the rest of your day with a fresh mind. The use of the recliner allows you to get the rest without having to leave your office.

Escape from pregnancy pain

Pregnancy is that time of a woman’s life when she is going through not only a lot of emotional pain but also a significant amount of physical pain. During this period of your life, it is extremely important to keep your emotional and physical health in check not just for your sake but also for the sake of your child. A recliner helps you accomplish both of these tasks. The angle of the recliner allows the pregnant mother to take the weight of gravity off the womb, making her feel light again. Its elevation also helps with any knuckle and joint pain the mother may be suffering from at the time of her pregnancy.

Increased amount of blood circulation

The number of people complaining of swollen joints and feet has grown considerably in the past few years, and while there may seem to be no escape, there actually is. A recliner is a one-stop solution to all your swollen joint and heavy feet problems. Its elevation tactics added to its reclining angle not only aid the process of blood circulation, but it also helps relieve one of joint pain and provides a soothing effect on the body.


What is so special and comfortable about staying at home? Why does every person die to come to his or her home, no matter at what place they are? It’s the comfort of your home that makes you feel relaxed and removes all your worries. Your chair, bed, sofa, bean bag and everything else that belongs to you at your home has a calming effect on you. This makes being at home extra cozy and comfortable.

In the recent times, a lot of furniture and accessories have been manufactured that can enhance your room according to your preference and comfort. One of such furniture is a recliner.

Recliners are a type of sofa-cum-chair. They are lower from the back and higher from the front and feet area. Modern recliners are designed to provide ease to the back and give an uplifting and relaxing position to the feet. They are the best for sleeping and are commonly seen in airplanes in business class. Doctors have stated that recliners are a stress-relieving instrument that is also good for people with backache problems.

How to buy a recliner?

Buying a recliner is no rocket science but requires a little bit of observation. When purchasing a recliner, pay attention to your body type and size. A recliner in which your body feels comfortable should be preferable.

Recliners are available in a variety of material, but the one that is made of leather is the most comfortable and durable. If a leather recliner is not available or is too expensive, you should go for synthetic fiber. Some people also mistake vinyl with fiber. Plastic can be easily cracked and is harder than fiber, so it is better if you sit on it and try it before purchasing.

Evaluate your budget. The modern recliners that have the facility of electric massagers can cost as high as $1000, and a simple recliner is available as cheaply as $50. Before opting for a lower priced recliner, make sure you are not compromising your comfort or else, you would just be wasting your money.

Having such a crazy recliner sounds so cozy and comfortable already. But can there be a disadvantage of having a recliner at home?

Yes, certainly if you keep sitting on it all the time. Recliners will limit your movement and circulation and keep you static in one place. This stationary position can result in serious issues of obesity, heart diseases, and other health problems. It is important to maintain movement to have a healthy, balanced life.

In this case, not only recliners but any furniture that restricts your movement can cause you harm. Moving your muscles is important. Try having a good walk around the house or any place outside, which will not only provide movement to your muscles but also keep your digestive system healthy. A healthy life is the best life.

So go out and buy the most comfortable recliner, but make sure you know what to do with it.

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